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Viewing your stats shouldn’t be rocket science. Easily access all your key metrics with a single click.

Spot Problems

Sales slowing down? Profit margins declining? Merchant Metrics lets you spot problems before it’s too late.

Grow Your Business

Our reports help you find out what’s holding you back, and how to take your business to the next level.

Track Gross Profits To The Penny

No more guesswork. Enter your product cost, and you’ll be able to get detailed stats on your profitability, margin, ROI and expenses for each SKU. Merchant Metrics does all the math for you.


Monitor Your Key Metrics With Ease

Easily compare each product’s 20+ metrics at a glance in our dashboard. Choose any date range, sort your products and view trends. Spot problems and identify what’s working.


Stay In The Loop With Email Reports*

Get daily or weekly email reports so you always stay up-to-date.


*Currently Under Development

Merchant Metrics is the single best application I’ve ever seen to centralize all of your Amazon data. Merchant Metrics is the only thing I open to answer the question “What happened yesterday?” – incredible product. So glad it exists!

– Tommy Griffith

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