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At an event for online entrepreneurs, Merchant Metrics’ founder – David, was talking to a couple of successful Amazon FBA entrepreneurs. It turned out they all had the same problem: figuring out what’s going on in their FBA business was really difficult.

Even simple tasks, they complained, such as checking sales revenue or profits per SKU for a specific timeframe are impossible using Amazon Seller Central. It turned out that most people simply didn’t know their key starts, or used complicated spreadsheets that required hours of data entry each month.

David investigated further and ended up talking to his good friend, Travis Jamison (Amazon power seller and co-founder of AMZ Tracker). Travis confirmed that there was a need for a simple Amazon seller dashboard, both in his own Amazon business and in the businesses’ of most AMZ Tracker customers.


As a result, Merchant Metrics was born. Merchant Metrics was shaped by countless conversions with dozens of Amazon sellers. This tool gives its users easy to comprehend (but powerful) analytics on their FBA business is doing.

Merchant Metrics focuses heavily on two things:

  • Customer service – we work hard to keep you happy and to keep improving Merchant Metrics.
  • Ease of use – figuring out what’s going on with your business shouldn’t be hard work. We streamlined our app to save you hours each week.

While Merchant Metrics was acquired by AMZ Tracker in 2016, the original team still remains in place spearheading product design and development.


The Team

David Hehenberger, Founder

davidOriginally an online marketer with a focus on ecommerce (helped a number 7-figure companies boost their profits), David started Fatcat Apps, a software company that builds Premium WordPress Tools for marketers, in 2013.

Working on Merchant Metrics lets David combine years of experience in ecommerce with years of experience making useful software.

David loves travel, Japanese food & coffee.

Andreea Bardasu, Lead Developer

andreeaAndreea is spearheading software development efforts at Merchant Metrics.

Andreea particularly loves the latest & greatest JavaScript libraries, that’s why Merchant Metrics is built using Node.js, TypeScript and React.


Any questions or want to say hi? You can contact us here. You can learn more about how Merchant Metrics can help your business here.