Track Gross Profits To The Penny

No more guesswork. Enter your product cost, and you’ll be able to get detailed stats on your profitability, margin, ROI and expenses for each SKU. Merchant Metrics does all the math for you.


Get All The Metrics That Matter In One Single Place

Merchant Metrics presents all of your metrics in a simple dashboard, right there at your finger tips. No more clicking around. You can view & compare the following metrics for each product in seconds.

  • Sales
  • Full Price Sales
  • Discounted Sales
  • Share of Sales
  • Units Sold
  • Full Price Units Sold
  • Discounted Units Sold
  • Expected Payout
  • Gross Profit
  • ROI
  • Profit Margin
  • Total Expenses
  • Amazon Fees
  • Promo Rebates
  • Ad Spend
  • Various Other Ad Metrics
  • Refunds ($)
  • Number of Refunds
  • Refund Rate (%)
  • Listing Price

Deep-Dive Into Each Product’s Performance

Showing data in aggregate is nice, but sometimes you want to take an in-depth look at a single product.
Our “product report” lists more than 20 metrics for your selected SKU. Compare time-frames, spot trends and make better business decisions.


Stay In The Loop With Email Reports*

Get daily or weekly email reports so you always stay up-to-date.


*Currently Under Development

Keep Track Of Promo Rebate Campaigns

Are you giving away discounted units in order to boost sales? Merchant Metrics lets you track how your promo campaigns are impacting your bottom line.


Simple, Customizable Dashboard

Easily compare each product’s 20+ metrics at a glance in our dashboard. Choose any date range, sort your products and view trends. Spot problems and identify what’s working.


Easy Setup

Setup takes two minutes. Simply sign up, connect to Amazon and you’re done.

Super Fast

Merchant Metrics is fast & snappy and built with performance in mind.

Safe & Secure

All your information is stored on our secure, encrypted server. We take your data & privacy seriously.

In-depth Reports

Merchant Metrics comes with in-depth reports that feature beautiful graphs for all the metrics that matter to you.

Analyze Expenses

Track how each expense (eg. promo rebates, ad spend, product cost, …) is impacting your bottom line.

Export Your Data

All data from Merchant Metrics can be exported to Excel, Google Spreadsheets or similar tools.

Spot Trends

Graph any metrics’ performance over time and track gain/loss (%) to see if things are moving in the right direction.

Track Refunds

Refunds are one of the biggest expense for any Amazon Seller. For each SKU, we’ll show you the number of refunds, refund rate (%) and refund cost ($).

Monitor Listing Price

We’ll monitor and graph the listing price of all of your SKUs over time. This lets you track how price changes impact your bottom line.

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